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    Welcome to Arcachon !

    Arcachon, lcated on the Atlantic coast, and sheltered by Arcachon bay, is the perfect holiday resort for weekend breaks and longer holidays. The pleasures of the palate together with the many activities on offer make it a secret paradise that regulars would love to keep to themselves!

    Day one

    Explore the pretty town of Arcachon

    Go for a morning stroll or bike ride, setting out from the campsite, to visit Arcachon harbour and meander along the seafront to Moulleau jetty.

    The town of Arcachon is divided into 4 districts, named according to the 4 seasons: Printemps, Été, Automne and Hiver. It is well worth stopping to visit the Ville d’hiver, which is a very picturesque district. Far from the hubbub of the beaches, you can disappear down the little streets of this district to admire the beautiful 19th century villas and finish by taking a stroll through the heart of Mauresque Park, with its architecture typical of the Belle Epoque.

    The Dune du Pilat (La Teste-de-Buch)

    Just 10 km from the campsite, visit the highest dune in Europe, reaching an impressive 106.6 metres in height: the Dune du Pilat.
    Children and adults will all love climbing up the Dune du Pilat and enjoying the breathtaking views of Arcachon bay from the top.

    Day two

    Oyster-farming villages – Cap Ferret lighthouse

    TAll around Arcachon bay, there are oyster harbours and villages: La Teste de Buch, Gujan-Mestras, Biganos, Andernos, Arès…

    After stopping at Cap Ferret Lighthouse to admire the breathtaking views, go and sample some oysters at the water’s edge.

    L’Île aux Oiseaux (bird island) – The Tchanquées huts

    Off Arcachon coast, the Ile aux Oiseaux is a little 3 km2 wild paradise, and the best way to explore it is by boat. If you’re feeling sporty, you can also hire canoes or kayaks! The Ile aux Oiseaux is known for its two tchanquées huts (from the Gascon “chancas” meaning “mounted on stilts”). It is also home to some fifty huts without electricity or running water, inhabited all year round or just for holidays. Historically, the first wooden huts on stilts were erected by oyster farmers in Arcachon bay to manage their oyster beds without being dependent on the tides.

    Day three

    The Banc d’Arguin

    Today, set off on an exceptional day trip amidst the colours of the Caribbean. The Banc d’Arguin is a strip of white sand surrounded by translucent water, the shape of which changes with the winds. Spend a day swimming in the clear waters, sunbathing or bird watching. You’ll set foot here with the incredible sensation of having a magical, privileged experience. Paradise!

    Day four

    There are endless water sports for you to enjoy solo, as a couple, with friends or as a family.

    Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-fuelled thrills or a leisurely ride, Arcachon offers a wide range of activities for you to enjoy at sea:

    On the programme:
    > canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding trips, to the rhythm of the tides,
    > offshore adventures on a catamaran, a jetski, or a sailing boat,
    > courses and initiations into sailing and dinghy boating, or a surfing or windsurfing lesson,
    > the adrenaline-fuelled thrills of wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and tubing…

    There is something for everyone.

    Day five

    A culinary treat during your holidays

    Taking the time to eat well is one of the great pleasures of a holiday in France. The hardest part is choosing, here is a list of some regional specialities:

    > Arcachon-Cap Ferret® Oysters : morer info here
    > The pastries from Pâtisserie Guignard : more info here
    > Les Dunes Blanches, Chez Pascal : more info here

    Day six

    The fish auction

    Get up at dawn at least once during your stay, as there is an event that really mustn’t be missed: the Arcachon fish auction.
    From watching the boats come in at dawn to sampling the catch, during your visit, you can discover the entire journey taken by the fish: from fishing to unloading, weighing, grading, trading, auctioning, sale and shipping. Turbot, hake, sea bass, sole, sea bream, cuttlefish, octopus… There is something for everyone. A fascinating opportunity for children and adults to discover everything that goes on behind the scenes in local fishing.


    This afternoon, a few hours before high tide, take a boat trip with an oyster farmer to discover their daily life and passion for the sea. Today, it’s time to venture beyond the beaten track. Visit the oyster farms in Arcachon bay where between 8,000 and 10,000 tonnes of oysters are produced each year.

    Day seven

    The markets of Arcachon Bay

    Renowned for their legendary friendliness! Each town has its own market, atmosphere, colours and flavours… The markets run all year round in Arcachon Bay!
    More information here.


    The most beautiful sunsets in Arcachon are undoubtedly to be seen from Pereire beach. At the end of the afternoon, Pereire beach is all the more magical as it brings together nature lovers who come to attend a grandiose spectacle: the sunset. Between the magical colours and the poetry of the moment, the sunset at Pereire beach is unlike any other. It will undoubtedly remain an unforgettable part of your holiday in Arcachon.

    And without forgetting, of course:

    The ocean beaches of Arcachon Bay…

    More than 40 km of beaches on the ocean shore (Grand Crohot in Lège-Cap Ferret, Plage de la Lagune in La Teste de Buch…). Ideal for splashing about in the waves!

    If you like the waves of the southwest coast and big sandy beaches, head to the ocean shores of Arcachon bay. The beaches of Petit Nice, La Lagune and La Salie in La Teste de Buch and the beaches of L’Horizon, Truc Vert, Grand Crohot and La Garonne in Lège-Cap Ferret are very popular with surfers and water-sports lovers.

    The beaches of the bay

    Here, the beaches are quieter and people mainly swim at high tide! From Arcachon to Lège-Cap Ferret, you can choose between large sandy beaches and small, secluded beaches. Towards Lège-Cap Ferret, many of them, such as the beaches of L’Herbe, Canon and Piraillan are located near oyster-farming villages. The ideal opportunity for you to alternate swimming with sampling oysters at the water’s edge and strolling through the villages!